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This review may contain spoilers.

invariably, the weirdest Star Wars film we have to date.
blends directorial auteurship, with past SW Universe echos and even missteps to create such a unique film with c o n s t a n t momentum.

the lush gambling aristocratic viceplex of Canto Bright and its Falthiers Racing reminding me of EU Novels like Jedi Search's Umgillian Blob Races and the eventual Falthiers breakout its so topheavy Prequels-era insanity, my brain was going off like a shield warning.
Speaking of Prequels era Madness, the bit where BB-8 pilots a Walker is absolutely factory scene in Attack of the Clones type stuff. in a new star wars film!!!

I love how for the first time really, it shows actual battle tactics and digs its heels in to show military struggle and cunning. Like a tabletop battle, you can see moves happen, plans in place, front lines are pushed forward, pieces are shifted, moves are thought forward 2 steps (even if the steps are on another staircase).

Disposes with a tonne of Abrams stuff he was probably setting up for some sort of /amazing/ reveal and goes essentially anti-spoilers culture by going "Reys family? nobodies. Snoke? just Kylo Rens master" while also giving you subtler lore to fill in yourself, which feels more satisfying. Like how Luke mentions that Kylo took 12 of his apprentices when he destroyed his temple. Were those apprentices Snokes (amazing looking) bodyguards? this is what I care about. tiny wee lore morsels, tucked away between the pages.

theres more here to say but i didnt get in til 3:30am and im at work right now and i had 3 hours sleep. so heres exxtra stuff:

- laura dern come back to me

- theres a "your mother" joke in a star wars film

-that hyperspace spear into Snokes warship that VA Holdo does with the last remaining Rebel Cruise is absolutely God-Level Stuff

-Luke drinking blue tit milk done me in

-the opening battle scene in this is maybe one of the best in the whole franchise?

-benecio del toro's character was partially a tool to explain war profiteering and how capitalism has no real political leaning when money is involved

-forceflying reanimated divine space angel Leia is the most insane thing ive watched all year

- i dont know if kids will like this, but i think people are gonna hate it

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