Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

i love these characters so much, and want the best for them.
this is not the end they deserve.

it wastes a million chances to make itself good and takes only few. i think even then, my love for the characters is heightening my emotions of what is, ultimately, a disaster.
i cant even truly get into it because i was sitting in the picturehouse feeling absolutely nothing, depleting all my reserves of "right...okay" and "hhMMMMMMMMM"s until i was sitting confused and let down.
honestly, what the fuck is going on in this film? if the last jedi was a mess, then this is 8 films in one, jostling for daylight. it feels like another film from another saga, sellotaped like cans on the back of a wedding car.

i liked the monolithic death planet gothcult thing palpatine (fuck off) existed in and those destroyers rising from the earth like they were exiting a grave was class. i welled up at lando flying again, i nearly burst into tears seeing Wedge, i liked the mad wee mechanic guy, but these are all small moments in a film so messy and desperate that you have to cling to them or you'll forget you even watched it (im genuinely struggling to remember loads here).

seeing luke and leia together as force ghosts next to the twin sun mimicking BB-8s shape made me think how this new saga has embedded itself in the canon, repatriating nostalgia, mostly successfully, but that its most original and daring entry will forever be shelved as a "bad idea" means that its ultimately failed in its progression. Im scared that whatever new saga, story, film comes along will be too reliant on the voice of the fans' sphere and that notion for reliability will mean we never escape from images we've seen 1000 times before. palpatine says hi

i could probably form more thoughts here but i had 3 hours sleep and now im in work eating polish cheese

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