The Blackcoat's Daughter

The Blackcoat's Daughter ★★★

Oz Perkins has this real singular eye for filmmaking. Its not quite pastoral but its not quite overly fawned over.
Its like a personally naturalistic closeness. Tangible lamp light where long shadows catch you accidentally and make the hairs on your arms stand up. Streetlight reflected off snow reflected off faces. flickers of lights and candles dancing on tile. Every single lambertian reflectance feeling like that eerie dread you get if you're the last person closing your work for the night. That sense where if the back of your neck had a mouth it'd scream "RUN" down that last checked hallway.

I only wished for more plot than an ultra muted arthouse supernatural stabber flick but i reckon his new stuff is genuinely going to astound and astound.

This film is one real clear example of Physical Media over Streaming (especially since i watched this on Neckflixx). The grading on this film is stunning. Truly one for the ages, but streamings even-HD compression means that the contours are visible. The wavelines end up being really off-putting artifacts of the film. Instead of being a beautiful blend, theyre reduced to tens of small visible borders. Which sucks. But aye, ill stop! I can see why folk would adore this and i did in a way!! but i think something better written will really make Perkins one of the best new horror filmmakers.

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