• The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice


    "say what you will but a method, a system, has its virtues"

    party's over.

    the twilights lament of questioning every piece of art, every haughty idea, every piece of personal philosophy you ever made to see if, in the perceived end, it mattered in the fucking slightest.
    what could be more beautiful than total destruction?

  • Nostalgia



    Unknown to the I

    poetry is untranslatable, like the whole of art.

    light a candle for whoever existed so you could, they appreciate the heat

  • The Awareness

    The Awareness

    sets up alot of what would come with Standoff at Sparrow Creek.

    >facing your own music
    >a national/global threat
    >eternal warehouse shadows
    >psychic damage plot twist
    >budget dictating the location but not the scope

    the tech part of this felt alot like what youve maybe seen before but it felt different. touch tight.
    let henry dunham make whatever he wants. at least he gives a fuck.

  • Thunderball



    feels like the actors, set directors, choreographers are screaming to make this a better film but its been forced into a fucking tunnel of endless underwater shots that culminate in the most soul-crushingly boring finale of all time.

    quite wild that terence young done the elegant Dr. No AND huge scope of FRWL but then finished on this barker. maybe its a confluence of the material and the studio too but fuck me, rancid effort.

  • The Standoff at Sparrow Creek

    The Standoff at Sparrow Creek


    seen some reviews of this and mixed with the poster, I was wary to say the least. Was expecting some rote-em-up saturday-night thrill snoozer, but this really actually ruled.

    shot in complete isolation where the darkness ends up blinding the viewer like inverse sunlight. like every shot is painted on tinted windows.
    theres nothing forceful of fancy or (as stupid as this sounds) trendy about this. Its so close to being some lost-down-the-couch single location 90s thriller that you can…

  • Stalker



    very sad that this is the one of his so far that Ive failed to truly connect with.

    in awe at its textural finger-runs and industrial toxic sound design.
    drips always dripping while the over-dried door frame gloss cracks at the finger touch. the dog as a sentinel.
    Solaristics have fallen to Earth.

    i think i need the full hyponsis of a cinema screens pendulum to actually feel alive in this

  • Goldfinger



    on a personal, almost atomic level, theres a real huge blocker in my soul wanting to give a James Bond film 5 stars but this is just......sensational.

    just relenting acceleration. the first time the series goes complete non-reality and you feel the shift. whats nice about it is being able to completely enjoy the cartoon parts because the granular elements of filmmaking are matching it. the score's refrain of the theme in many forms, shoe trackers, car gadgets, houses turned…

  • Solaris



    confined to love
    condemned to the past

    i wonder how Tarkovsky would feel about Facebook Memories or Timehop. a systematic, completely inorganic way of interacting with your own history. blindsided consistently by pictures of dead relatives or ex-loves whos metadata is coded into some yearly tribute that isnt reflected on in a reflexive, human way but thrust into your thoughts like a cartoon spoonful of castor oil.

    do not give your nostalgias any sort of corporeal form as it can…

  • Mirror



    worrying about the details of a misprint in a film of factured memories from the mouth, the mind of a dying man.
    like going mad counting breadcrumbs on a table in the autumn.
    chastising yourself forgetting a name but congratulating yourself on fervently remembering the jumper was red god damn it, it was red i swear.
    an eerie tin type of faded breaths and cup heat. long grass across the plains, war in the mind of a child, a bird…

  • White Line Fever

    White Line Fever


    you see Jan-Michael Vincent holding a shotgun in his denims while wearing a blue trucker hat that has "DIESEL POWER" stitched on it and you just have to admit "yeah, that fucking rocks".

    a working man pro-union "big or small, fuck 'em all" tete-a-tete to out muscle one another for the good of the trucking industry. weirdly paced, but its a fucking muscular shit-kicking thing all the same.
    about as solid on the 3.5 star mark as you can get.
    Kaplan makes this thing whistle like hell. a great time!

  • Andrei Rublev

    Andrei Rublev


    "simplicity without flourish"

    Moral purity in art dictated by moral deficiencies in control.
    If tradition is absolution then its all a total loss.

    maybe too theological for me, but still. fucking hell.

  • Ivan's Childhood

    Ivan's Childhood


    fashioned into a tool

    anything organic here is either burnt, blown up or waiting to be.
    even the hue of the water is poisoned with scorched tree bark, flares, bullets and bloated, slowly rotting bodies.
    Ivan's Childhood is the smell of petrol on your fingers 3 hours after being at the petrol station. the wipestain on your jeans after you use charcoal to draw a picture of a black apple. the tender ringing in your ears after waking up having…