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  • The Unbookables

    The Unbookables


    The Unbookables doc was great and painful. They often just said fuck it this is not all about laughs and does not need to be so structured out.

    They were all drinking, drugging hard and not because they were losers. They just wanted someone to “get” or appreciate their art and it is art.

    We have enough Fluffys and Kevin James in the world.

  • Brunch



    Rick Shapiro is one of a kind

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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    I seem to watch this every year and show it to somebody who has not seen it. The new scan looks amazing and the film still has legs after all these viewings. I always seem to get lost in the film and think about the smells as well as the visual horror and what it would be like to truly be in this hell, truly a masterpiece.

  • Too Late

    Too Late


    This was a wonderful experience, not just the movie but seeing it in 35mm with the pops and hisses in a dive theater. It was 2 hours round trip to see this and well worth it.