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  • Nerve



    Listen I'm here for thriller stories about playing for money/your life but literally every single thing annoyed me in this movie. Watch 13: Game of Death or 13 Sins instead.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Unlike most films in the past year, I didn't let other peoples love for this effect my expectations for when I got around to watching the film, so I set my expectations low enough resulting in an enjoyable nostalgic experience from La La Land.

    Since Hollywood likes to lick its own ass once in a while, this film is bound to sweep the Oscars this year, in which Emma Stone, the soundtrack and Damien Chazelle (who unsurprisingly made every shot…

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Oscar Isaac saying he programmed the robot to be hetero. 2/10 unrealistic.

  • Boyhood



    Boyhood honestly is the best documentation of life because halfway through you really just want it to end. I appreciate the effort though.

  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    Suicide Squad lives up to its name because as the title suggests it made me want to drink bleach.