Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Buffalo '66 is an all around, incredible film. At times it may be difficult to pinpoint if the audience is meant to laugh or be disturbed, but that's due to the overall uncomfortable nature of the off-kilter characters plagued by familiar and social hardships. Protagonist Billy Brown kidnaps a woman to pretend to be his wife, but she also seems to be the first person to really give him a chance and accept him for who he is in the inside, beneath his angry and disrespectful external shell. I also had no idea this film would be nearly as experimental as it was. Even if the editing may show off from time to time, it is fluidly and consistently integrated into the narrative in order to best reflect emotion and establish a steady pace. It's accessible experimentation, but that can definitely be a good thing. Buffalo '66 also has some great character writing.