Summer of Sam ★★★★

Zodiac except good (jk, I like that film too, but this is definitely better). Funny enough, the Son of Saul serial killer himself is like the least interesting thing here. That works too because Lee chooses to make him into this dweeb and peripheral and existential threat, rather than romanticizing him.

What makes this film work as well as it does is is the impact the killer has on the town he runs amok in. Although, what he really does is just adds to the tensions among the relationships between people, gives them a reason to be set off. But these tensions, injustices, and intolerance have been growing for some time already... they're just now being exposed.

Fittingly, the person who wants to break from the system the most is the one who gets unfairly judged and hurt in the end. You can blame social conditions for making people this way, or you can blame the individuals who can't help but take responsibility for their own actions.

The Jay Challenge Hard Mode - 1999