Leviathan ★★★★

I love George P. Cosmotas and I love Leviathan. Still, there's no denying that his film is an unabashed rip off of Alien. It even shares a couple of key creatives with Ridley Scott's superior original (mainly composer Jerry Goldsmith and production designer Ron Cobb). While Scott's film is closer to Kubrick, Cosmatos is a few steps above Corman. It's goofier, gorier, and more willing to indulge in cheap scares and creature feature effects shots. BUT, it has a ton of fun doing so and for me, will always remain in rotation on my playlist of childhood horror favourites.

It's worth noting that the cast is pretty great. Peter Weller gives an understated performance as the rig captain who lacks leadership skills. Daniel Stern is the loud mouthed hot head 'Six Pack', and Ernie Hudson plays the loveable, quick witted black guy who may or may not die unceremoniously in the last two minutes of the film. Meg Foster plays the corporate bitch. Oh, and Amanda Pays is definitely a plus.