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  • The Darkest Minds

    The Darkest Minds


    About five years too late to ride the coattails of the dystopian splurge but still potentially timely enough, at least in the hands of a better creative team, to capture the zeitgeist and shine a critical light on humanity’s foibles, The Darkest Minds is, alas, a vacuous endeavour that seems to exist in a cultural vacuum. It astounds me that a film can begin with scenes of young children being forcibly removed from their parents and thrown into camps and…

  • Friday the 13th Part III

    Friday the 13th Part III


    On two separate occasions in this ridiculous film, two different characters ask "where's that coming from?" about something very obviously dripping on them from above and I can't tell if it's meant to be a joke or not...

    So yeah, fuck all happens here for about 70 minutes and then all of the fodder characters are dispatched within about 70 seconds, resulting in some rather severe whiplash. The final chase sequence is fun, while the latter part of the film…

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