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  • Prevenge



    Functional, over-repetitive but ultimately an absolute riot, Alice Lowe's feature debut is slick, gruesome and loaded with laughs that, while often cheap, are perfectly suited to the film's glorious mix of farce and morbidity.

    For the most part, PREVENGE's success rests more on Lowe's performance than it does on either direction or writing. That's not to say that her direction and writing are remotely bad, they just lack finesse - though in a film such as this, that's potentially a…

  • Peeping Tom

    Peeping Tom


    Often overshadowed by and unfairly compared with Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, in large part due to its controversial (at least for 1960) subject matter, Michael Powell’s PEEPING TOM is a fine example of a British slasher film done right, if not a little rudimentarily.

    Opening with a close-up of a woman’s eye, PEEPING TOM is, as its title suggests, a film all about gaze, whether it be the gaze of the director, the audience or the central character. For Powell, cinema and…

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  • Carrie




    There are few things more awkward in this World than watching the opening credits of Carrie in the presence of your parents. Any teenage boy who has had to endure such a scenario will know just how uncomfortable it is. You just don’t know where to look! Worse still, if you’re in the boat that I was in when I first sat down to watch it, you’ve got the added dilemma of pretending that you’re enjoying it – but…

  • Taken 2

    Taken 2



    Six Things I Learned from Taken 2:

    1. Randomly chucking grenades around in a crowded city is the best way of gauging someone’s location.
    2. American citizens are free to kill random, innocent police officers provided one of their mates has contacts at the American Embassy.
    3. Typing “US Embassy” into the GPS works every time.
    4. Slamming the gearstick of a taxi down will make it go faster.
    5. Albanians speak English in their own country but speak…