2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Science Fiction at its best. A truly psychedelic experience. I was mesmerized the entire time watching this. While very slow paced, I was never bored, yet intrigued by the fascinating imagery and special effects. As my second viewing, I was able to piece together my overall thoughts on my experience. I truly understand the brilliance of this film. 

Stanley Kubrick delivered the perfect way of showing not telling a narrative. With little dialogue, the film challenged its viewers to form their own narrative and meaning. When discussing characters, there were not that much to choose from. Even with the little characters that were shown, I don’t know anything about them. In truth, it’s not about the human character to begin with. The AI machine HAL still remains the creepiest machine I had seen in cinema. 

The special effect will be timeless. I can never understand how a film looked this amazing yet came out over 50 years ago.  This film gave me reason as to why I love science fiction in general. The imagery and cinematography were perfect. I loved when a film questions me on how they got a certain shot.  My favorite moment was definitely the end as it brought me pure joy and happiness from everything that was going on. The music was also iconic and I loved it all. Honestly, one of my favorite science fiction films ever.

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