Strange Weather ★★★★½

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I’ve saved Strange Weather till last, because it snuck in on the final day to become my film of the festival. I loved everything about this film, from the performance and photography of an unsentimental but bereaved Holly Hunter, to Sharon Van Etten’s original score. Set in Mississippi and road-tripping down to New Orleans (as I did last year) this heat-wave and high drama combine perfectly in a stunningly emotional film, without being morbid or maudlin, despite the subject matter. One woman’s personal journey is smashed up against a subtextual backdrop of the US political crisis and, as the title suggests, the environmental and ecological crisis. This film is kind of everything, to me, and I will be stalking Katherine Dieckmann across the globe to talk to her more about it. Inspiring and uplifting, I can’t recommend this film highly enough for women, filmmakers, people and everyone.