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  • Day Night Day Night

    Day Night Day Night


    Created during some of the most hothouse days of post-9/11 terrorism and panic, Julia Loktev's riveting thriller of a would-be female suicide bomber is an excellent study of terror and naivete. This one had been on my "list" for some time, and I loved that it feels as if it could have been made just as easily in 1975 or 2016. It has a gritty 70s feel, full of amorality and of youth gone adrift - to say the least.…

  • 45 Years

    45 Years


    Charlotte Rampling's expressive face can say more in a tiny grimace or raised eyebrow than anything my own blank canvas can even when I'm mugging and cavorting like a gorilla - which is why she's an acting legend, and why I'm here writing about her on a blog. She, Kate, ends the final seconds of "45 YEARS" with a withered look for the ages, one that effectively sums up the film, as well as the future of her relationship with…

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  • Spotlight



    Find me a newsroom drama that isn't at least somewhat overwrought and overdone, and I'll find you a movie no one's ever seen before. It's simply the nature of the beast. The dramatic machinations of "breaking a big story" can only go so far on film, and unless the reporters are under some sort of imminent physical danger (say, perhaps, they're reporting in Russia or Iran), drama must be manufactured by having people fling themselves wildly into traffic in a…

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    I have at least two Coen Brothers films on my "all time" list, and another two that aren't too far from it. I've always enjoyed how these guys shift from making epic, intense films like "No Country For Old Men" or "Fargo" to more subtle, quieter, occasionally squirm-inducing films such as "A Serious Man" and the underrated "Burn After Reading". I had thought from the reviews I'd read that the new "INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS" would be more akin to the…