Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★★

Road to Infinity War - Week #17: Thor: Ragnarok

I was so excited to rewatch this again and I’m glad to say it still holds up! They finally got the full character of Thor right, Asgard is bursting with color as it should be and the comedy lands each and every time. You can tell this is genuinely the first time that Chris is actually really enjoying playing the character and that just made it all the more better. Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie stole every scene she was and I would definitely like to see her in the future of the MCU as well as the forefront of a possible all-female team up film. The visual effects are gorgeous and are on par to that of the Guardians movies. I really just love this movie in general, it’s fun, full of heart and has an action-packed story that never gets bored.

Call me bias again but I genuinely don’t find anything wrong with this. It’s everything I wanted it to be! Also, I SEE INFINITY WAR TONIGHT!!!

Final Grade: A+

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