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There’s wayyyy to many movies for me to watch, y’all need to slow down!!

100 Random Favorites List

Favorite films

  • Mommie Dearest
  • Athena
  • New Jack City
  • Frankenhooker

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  • Fantasia


  • Passages


  • Sixteen Candles

  • Living in Oblivion


Recent reviews

  • Fantasia



    Absolutely gorgeous animation!! The kind we don’t see anymore from Disney. Even the grand score was a character by it self. It even has some recognizable ones i bopped my head to. It was all skillfully conducted by Leopard Stokowski. The biggest compliment I can give this film is making it feel like a giant nostalgic listening event. Bringing everyone together to celebrate and even create stories. 

    With all that being said, I have no reason to ever come back to…

  • Passages



    Passages is about a gay couple whose marriage is in jeopardy when one of them starts to pursue a younger woman.

    With that description I was expecting a love triangle film but it’s not that. This more of a exploration of a man who is trying to capture a certain feeling. A feeling that is going to break a lot of hearts and leave someone alone. The film doesn't glorify cheating or rewards who is still confused with what they…

Popular reviews

  • The Flying Sailor

    The Flying Sailor

    I’m trying my best not to come off as mean but was this really Oscar worthy??

    I was trying to catch some of the Oscar shorts that were nominated and I saw this. It’s a story about a man who survived a giant explosion from ships crashing. It felt more like a informative google search rather than a short. The most positive thing I give it is the music and animation. Even that isn’t really able to save this from…

  • Ice Merchants

    Ice Merchants

    Not only is Ice Merchants visually appealing but it also tells a compelling story without having dialogue. 

    After watching this I’m going to be paying heavy attention to Joao Gonzalez’s work. You can see the amount of attention and love he put behind this. He does so much in a single shot without going over board. The camera angles are impressive too, showing off great since of scale when needed. The importance of color plays a big part and even ties…