Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain ★★★★½

Brokeback Mountain? More like Bareback Mountain, am I right?

So I’ve finally filled in the main gap in my gay film viewing history, and as a gay person it was definitely a source of shame that I’d never seen this before. Brokeback Mountain was one of those films that I’d avoided for ages because I assumed it’d be an Oscar-bait cringe-fest. I mean, it’s definitely going for Oscars, but seeing a touching gay love story made in the modern day is a rarity, but even more-so 16 years ago.

However, the main takeaway from Brokeback Mountain is that you can and should become a cowboy and cheat on your wife in a gay relationship. Like… come on, herding sheep and eating beans in the wilderness with the love of your life sounds like an absolute blast. I’ll happily forget the last 20 minutes ever happened.

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