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  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


    Like JURASSIC WORLD before it, FALLEN KINGDOM can't be accused of not delivering what's on the label - it's got dinosaurs, guys who can't just be in awe of them, and a likable-enough bunch that actually have some bigger goals than just getting out alive this time. It even brings back Jeff Goldblum to explain why the whole thing is foolhardy in better than average pseudoscience.

    And, as big blockbusters go, it does okay. J.A. Bayona is a good choice…

  • Lobster Cop

    Lobster Cop


    Not necessarily the best "undercover cops find they enjoy their cover story" comedy ever made, but a fairly recent one. It's got a brisk pace, a grimy messiness that seems to fit with its plot thanthe usual upscale setting, and gags that are just familiar enough to work without overplaying but not lazy. The events is good enough that I maybe wouldn't have minded giving what was an impressively brisk movie a little moe time to let the cast work;…

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  • Killing Ground

    Killing Ground


    When people who don't like horror movies in general ask those who do how they can enjoy that sort of garbage, they're talking about movies like "Killing Ground". With the good stuff, you can talk about nightmare imagery, stories which allow you to confront fears directly or metaphorically, or just admiring the staging and choreography of a suspenseful scene and the catharsis that comes afterward with the good ones, but sometimes, even with good intentions, a movie is just serving…

  • November



    Rainer Sarnet's Estonian fantasy opens with some familiar, but beautifully-lensed, stark images of life in and around a poor, pre-industrial village, and just as you're starting to form an image of what this movie will be like, it drops some utterly bizarre fantasy elements into the mix as a family's "kratt" goes berserk from lack of work, stealing the cow and trying to lift it like a helicopter before having its mind blown after being told to make a ladder…