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  • Pork Pie

    Pork Pie


    There's something kind of charming about the making of this film, with a son making his own version of one of his father's films, although it needs a bit more than that for a hook to be interesting to someone who hadn't seen the 1981 original. I'm not sure whether PORK PIE actually finds that, although it plays nicely enough to be an enjoyable matinee.

    It thrives on its likable characters, although it takes its time giving the audience basic…

  • Dead Shack

    Dead Shack


    This movie should have been a complete disaster - it's got the stink of 1980s horror nostalgia executed without many thoughts beyond liking gory old movies - but instead it turns out, well, not bad.

    To a certain extent, it's a matter of how well one responds to swear-y, sarcastic teens; I'm not a particular fan, and while this one gets a boost from a dumb but likable dad who joins in it kind of scans as a bit obnoxious…

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  • In Their Skin

    In Their Skin


    A lot of the press for this seems to be categorizing it as a "home invasion" thriller, and while it certainly fits the profile, I kind of like that I came into it (without having dug my way into the "R" section of the program yet) thinking it was going to be something a little more fantastical. That's fine; it had me looking at the characters for signs of weird behavior which was awarded in spades.

    No matter what's actually…

  • Graceland



    Though a low-fi picture that appears to have scraped every penny together to get made, Graceland has a pretty darn excellent hook - a twistier, more noirish take on High and Low with the chauffeur keeping things from his employer to save his kidnapped daughter - which it plays out just excellently. There are a few gaps in the plot at points, but calling most out would be called quibbling.

    What's really excellent is the way it goes from an…