Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★

I'm sure that every major media company would live to have the strong brand identity and loyalty that Disney has, but so far only Warner has made a whole movie about it.

It's a weird and kind of tacky layer to put on top of a kids' comedy adventure, but once you peel it away, this is basically no better or worse than the last SPACE JAM. Lebron James is probably a better actor and more likable than Michael Jordan, but doesn't have the same charisma. There's a good joke or three that's not just "I got that reference", and it's not like the stuff with Lebron and his son is exactly bad for kids.

In five years or so, this may well seem like a movie that says more than it means to about companies with massive libraries and leadership unable to see it as anything but "content", if only by accident (since if they really wanted to bite the hand that feeds them, the filmmakers would have had Don Cheadle playing "H.B.O. Max" rather than "Al G. Rithom").

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