Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

19 years later, Fight Club remains one of the greatest satires ever made. Its social commentary is arguably some of the best in any film and the constast misunderstanding of this masterpiece just proves the point. With our constant connection to the internet, we have become more lonely than ever. It has been easier to find a place to belong, but it is often forgotten that real encounters, real people and real conversations are the most important things.

The brilliance of Fight Club lies in its flawless screenplay, David Fincher’s masterful direction and most of all, the editing. I can’t tell you how many films that have been influenced by this film, style-wise. I will continue to re-watch this film once a year for years to come. Will it be more relevant than ever in 10 years to come? Maybe, but the first rule of Project Mayhem is that you do not ask questions!


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