Raw ★★★★

Talk about a misleading "word of mouth" advertising campaign. Raw has been acknowledged for its shocking scenes which apparently had people vomiting and fainting during screenings of it at several film festivals. Horror fans all over the world probably thought their biggest dreams had come true. I can not even imagine their disappointment when they discovered that Raw is anything but a gore fest despite the name. It is a brilliant drama film about growing up.

Julia Ducournau mixes drama and dark comedy perfectly, in a story about a young woman at vet school who slowly discovers her love for human meat. Raw is a film with many outstanding moments, especially in the middle. It ends a bit too soon, but for being a directorial debut this is quite impressive.

The lead role of Justine is a hard character to grasp. She goes through a huge transition, but Garance Marillier portrays her brilliantly. Accompanied with the great performances is also the refreshing cinematography. Is the whole film perhaps a metaphor for something else? Very possible! Check this amazing drama film out.


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