Batman ★★★★

#Batman1989 is a classic. There's no other word better to describe it. This is the first movie showing of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Thanks to #TimBurton for doing a hell of a job bringing this to show with some amazing directing. We get a proper batman movie made in the right way. We get a awesome batmobile, batsuit and batcave. These all brilliantly designed. the story overall is really interesting but also great to see a more serious dark batman movie after the more comical series and movie with Adam West. We get amazing performances all round especially #JackNicholson & #MichaelKeaton. Jack as the Joker is simply terrifying but s perfect choice. His personality shined right through as the Joker. Keaton as Bruce was great with all the backstory/character depth which made it better. As batman Keaton does a great job too. Being dark/intimidating. A great fighter & hero for Gotham. I loved the writing behind this as well. How the people don't know batman yet. Also scared of him. The origin of joker. Everything comes together so well. The script is brilliant. Especially for joker. His charisma is perfect. The action set pieces and technical side for this movie can be questioned but for its time it's brilliant. It still holds up today for me. I can give them the benefit of the doubt for little minors. 8.5/10 awesome movie.