Green Lantern ★½

As an avid comic book fan and someone who tries to avoid placing himself in the midst of his reviews, I break the fourth wall by saying how badly I wanted Green Lantern to work as a film. My third favorite comic book character (behind Batman and Daredevil) the cosmic landscape of the Lantern world is a perfect fit for science fiction and comic book fans. In the CG1 ladened landscape of the 21st century, this should have looked and felt real but a poorly written script and a horrible presentation really kills what should've been the next big franchise for Warner Brothers and DC comics.

What saves the film from being less than 2 stars is Ryan Reynold's performance as Hal Jordan. Yes, I am aware there is a certain mentality that follows Reynolds but his comic sensibility can be coupled extremely well in a seriousness that he is still building into. As Jordan he is far more Kyle Raynor Green Lantern with a snarky upstart attitude than he is the sensible humane Jordan but it works far better than every other performance this film offers.

What ultimately kills Green Lantern other than a multitude of cheap special effects is the amount of continuity that is being thrown at a newer audience. If you no nothing of Green Lantern than watching this movie is a brutal exercise as there is far too much given too fast and it makes for a difficult watch. What should be explained over time is hurried into a 2 hour muddled mess. This isn't Reynolds fault this is a combination of director Martin Campbell and the writers of this film. Feeling the need to ground the story on Earth and in space really makes the exploration of this character dumbed down and generic leading to a boring origins film with nothing else to give other than a slightly memorable performance from its star.