12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men ★★★★★

Alt titles
12 Fiery Fellows
12 Enraged Lads
12 Irritable Males
12 Furious Sirs
12 Mad Boys
12 Uptight Guys
12 Heated Dudes

Disclaimer: I scrolled through the first hundred or so popular reviews and didn’t see one of these but I’m sure they’re out there so no I didn’t copy anyone but I doubt this is original

A serious thought so that my review of a 5⭐️ film isn’t solely a shitpost: I was on a disappointing recent trend of watching movies with poorly developed supporting characters. 12 Angry Men scoffs at the thought of an undeveloped character. You can feel the distinct presence of everyone in the film, down to The Accused, who doesn’t speak a word. The setting boils each character down to the root of their very nature, and to accomplish that 13 times over in just 96 minutes is remarkable. You can count on one hand the sentences of dialogue that don’t further develop one of the characters. Amazing.

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