Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion

I once heard Matt LeBlanc talking about the show’s impact. He was sharing some of the things fans have said to him over the years, and one of the anecdotes has always stuck with me. The fan had said/wrote to the cast something to the effect of;

I moved away to a different country for university. I didn’t have any friends there, you guys were my friends. I never ended up making many friends there, so I didn’t have anyone with me. But I had all of you. I knew all of you, so I knew I always had at least 6 friends no matter where I was.

That’s not my experience exactly but I think it sums up the show best. It was the first piece of media to transcend the screen for me. It opened my eyes to the world of entertainment beyond “kids” shows/movies. It gives me a worry-free half hour if nothing else. It’s something I’ve been able to pick back up at any point in my life so far as if I never put it down.

It’s hard thing to vocalize. I always struggle writing about the ones I actually care about, never feels like I can do them justice. Anyways, should we get some coffee?

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