Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★★

Dreamworks Duty #19:
Letterboxd Popularity: 4/38
Letterboxd Rank: 8/38

Kung Fu Panda exceeds expectations. At first glance, it's a family movie that gets by on animated slapstick and fat jokes. Upon second glance, its messages are quite well-thought-out and inspirational.

In another world, the filmmakers have Po claim the Dragon Scroll and gain strength through its encouraging message to defeat Tai Lung; that movie would not hold up. In this movie however, they don't handfed it to Po. The Dragon Scroll bestows nothing unto him, as it should. If this movie is his journey towards acceptance then he needs to get there himself, sans prophecy, which he does. I think THAT is the catalyst for the love many of us share towards this movie.

(and it also helps that they casted the greatest celebrity of all time to voice Po...)

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