Suspiria ★★½

Ballet is fucking terrifying to me. The real horror (surprisingly unexplored) in this film lies in that art form. It’s why I’ve actively avoided Black Swan despite hearing only great things about it for a whole decade and barely made it through a portion of John Wick 3. If any of you ever catch me at a ballet get me tf outta there cuz I’m being held against my will.

As for the movie, I still haven’t found a traditional horror I can latch onto. In this case, a supernatural plot/ending is so unsatisfying. Like can we get some motive up in here? After taking place at the dance school for the entire movie, with no connections in country she’s just arrived in, I‘m 100% gonna hate the scene before the climax where she inexplicably ends up in a different place with two psychiatrists lecturing her about the occult. There were many enjoyable aspects though... 

The sound designers went berzerk. Fantastic work. The sound served as the biggest source of suspense in the whole movie, and to read about how the dialogue was recorded made it only more impressive.

The colour palette was brilliant. Obviously this film is known for its reds, but it was shrouded in blue just as much. The all-yellow rooms looked gorgeous, and colourful props/costumes colourful popped against contrasting dull white-beige sets. The lighting was also pretty insane. Director Argento certainly captured a unique aesthetic for Suspiria. 

In continuing my effort to convert this genre from one of my least favourite, I’ll try a few more hit horror films from different eras leading up to Halloween night this year but I’m not that optimistic tbh. Sorry horror-lovers :/

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