The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

wow, concierges

Tyler the Creator showing up at the Grammy’s dressed as Zero finally gave me the motivation to clear this off my watchlist, and WOW...what a film. I’ve been hesitant for a while, as I sometimes get before finally watching something so esteemed, almost hyping myself up for it and hoping I’ll see it as a 5 star masterpiece like so many others. There have been times where I’ll watch a movie so well known for being a cinephile’s movie, and leave saying ‘That’s it? It was a good movie sure, but why was this heralded?’ It’s disappointing to think maybe I just don’t have a good taste for this hobby that I really enjoy, or that maybe I’m too young to truly appreciate a film for what it represents.

There were no questions with The Grand Budapest Hotel though. I was totally engulfed in this surreal, pastel-coloured, elevator-filled world from the opening scene. Greatness  oozed out of this film from the production design/make-up/costume teams, to the score, and the numerous outstanding performances this ensemble cast produced. A meaningful but comedic narrative that was captivating in its every shot, The Grand Budapest is a movie that will stay at the top of my recommendations list for a long time.

Also holy shit, someone gave 2014 all the steroids!!!

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