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  • Yesterday



    A man has the spectacular luck to wake up in a world without The Beatles' music, but decides to ruin everything.

  • The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part


    While watching the first movie, I found myself enjoying it enough from the start but not really seeing what others saw in it. It's cute, it's pretty funny I guess, and hey it's better than a ton of movies aimed at kids.

    Then there was "the reveal" and my opinion of the movie absolutely skyrocketed, and everything made sense. I'm sure it was the same for a lot of people.

    Unfortunately, you can't really pull that off twice and this…

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  • Mud



    Coming-of-age dramas often sit among my favourite films. I'm not sure which I prefer - the ones that I can relate to, echoing my own emotions through my teenage years, or the ones that are vastly different, where I see nothing in common with my own life. 'Mud' sits very clearly in that second camp.

    Like 'This Is England', I feel 'Mud' could have had no real plot at all, and I still would've fallen in love with it. A…

  • Suspiria



    I'm always worried that I'll watch a highly influential film, and be unable to clear my mind of all the movies that have come since that ape it's style. Will watching Suspiria not have any effect on me because I'm watching 30 years later, where this kind of movie has been done a million times? Lots of online feedback of other people watching now indicate that they don't get the fuss, and I worry I'll fall into that trap. So…