Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

"It's been a very strange day."

"And getting stranger..."

Just like no two dreams are ever the same, "Mulholland Dr." is a completely different experience every time you see it. This is my third time around Mr. Lynch's wild ride, and I don't remember feeling as thrilled or entertained previously.

The movie is one to be absorbed, and just that. It is not for thinking about or dissecting. Even though nearly 2 decades later people are still trying to figure out what it all means.

For me, I have always found the film most effective when I have just watched. I am captivated by the wild imagery, the chaotic sound design, the wrathful score, the insane acting performances and Lynch's unsettled camera work.

It is nothing if not a series of stunning images. (Again, like a dream.)

Another thing I realized this time around are the stylistic influences from a whole slew of Hollywood icons. It's as if Billy Wilder remade "Pulp Fiction" and then handed it to Stanley Kubrick to edit.

My guess is at some point along the road, Lynch wanted to make a love letter to Hollywood. You know, one of those "movies about movies" that the place loves so damn much. But then maybe he wanted to also say something about the absurdity of existence, and make it all a dream as well.

Who the fuck knows. We'll never know. Lynch probably doesn't know. It doesn't matter. "Mulholland Drive" produces a cinematic experience unlike anything before or since. It is unparalleled greatness.

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