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  • Oliver Twist

    Oliver Twist


    This early Sir David Lean work provides hints of the genius we will see in later decades.  And, the second of several ventures with Sir Alec Guinness.

    The editing, camera- (and especially lens-) work, and lighting are years ahead of Lean’s contemporaries.

    (Embarrassed to admit that this was the first time I had ever been “told” the story of Dickens’ Oliver Twist.)

  • Father Stu

    Father Stu


    In so many ways, this one did not go where I expected.  Boxer to priest.  That’s what I expected.

    So much more.  

    Not just in terms of the story of Stuart Long’s life . . . though, that was the main surprise.

    But, in a stealthy way, how the amazing story of God’s unconditional, lavish, generous  love for us ugly, dirty, selfish creatures slowly works its way to the surface.

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  • No Safe Spaces

    No Safe Spaces


    This documentary deals with a critical issue of our time: free speech, particularly on college campuses. The film features prominent voices on the right and the left raising the alarm.

    Yes, it does veer off topic — to some pet conservative gripes — but it’s central premise is spot on.  As a former professional journalist, and an attorney particularly interested in Constitutional Law, I can tell you that everyone should be concerned about the downward direction that free speech and freedom…

  • Naughty Marietta

    Naughty Marietta


    My first excursion into the land of MacDonald and Eddy; in fact, I’d never heard of this film before.

    I expected it to be cheesy.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

    Perhaps, by today’s standards, it is a bit cheesy.  But, for 1935, it is impressive in scope: in addition to the (expected) amazing crooning, there’s a sweeping ocean- and continent-crossing period setting, some sophisticated set pieces, and a compelling romantic comedy plot.

    Bonus: can you catch at least two links to Frankenstein films?