Spencer ★★★

If this film was not about a person I “knew” (in the sense that we all “knew” her), I would consider it a too-intense portrait of an unstable wife and mother struggling with a controlling family (better, a controlling “system”).  From an artistic standpoint, it is powerful — the human element, the dissonant score, the uncomfortably intimate close-ups, the landscapes . . . 

On the other hand, if this film is even halfway accurate in its portrayal of Diana, and of the royal family and staff, it somehow left me even less sympathetic of her plight: as bad as things were for her (with stifling traditions, and cold and controlling royal family and staff), she made it worse with her head-tilting, darting-eye, passive-aggressive, petulant, manic subversion.  Whose madness — the royal family’s, or Diana’s — was worse?

Or, is it just overacting by Stewart?

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