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  • Drag Me to Hell

    Drag Me to Hell


    This film has an oral fixation in the best and worst way. Gross things coming out of mouths, creepy things going into mouths, it really is a cornucopia of mouth-related horror. 
    Aside from this aspect, the film really makes its impact through story, both in its compelling, well-paced narrative as well as its thrilling conclusion. The camera work is also engaging, as Sam Raimi demonstrates his ability to introduce fun and creativity into a project through his eye for details.…

  • The Final Girls

    The Final Girls


    Creative premise that makes for a fun, self-aware film. 
    This was so close to greatness, though it fell short due to some minor issues. I love the idea of transporting into an 80s slasher-horror pic, but I wish the film would’ve done the homage true and right. By this I mean an R rating. Blood, gore, and shockingly horrible deaths are an inextricable part of 80s horror style. I mean, even in the film within the film, Camp Bloodbath, is…

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  • Brooklyn



    Balanced and touching story, served well by focusing more on concepts of immigration and home rather than a single relationship angle. The love storyline is sweet and relevant, though its intentionally set as a branch of a larger outline. Saoirse Ronan is outstanding as Eilis, showing a true depth of skill in her timing and range. Ronan has a quiet confidence and tangible presence on screen, and its exciting to think about both the career she’s already had and where…

  • Solaris



    I love the idea of using science fiction as a vehicle to explore humanity. Isn’t that infinitely more frightening than Mars? Why imagine a space monster when we’re still terrified to talk about death, grief, God, and the human propensity for mistakes and regret? This film is a true masterpiece of philosophy, like a Tolstoy novel or Kierkegaard essay come to life. Some of it is inexplicable and up to interpretation, but I think that’s part of the point: to…