The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Led by a magnetic and volatile trio of leading ladies, this is an intriguing portrait of politics, power, and manipulation. 
Though Emma and Rachel Weisz turn in great performances in their own right, Olivia Colman puts forth an all-timer. Her portrayal of Queen Anne is honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen before as it relates to power and royalty. At times frighteningly erratic, darkly moody, and resolute, while at others exhibiting childlike longing and intense vulnerability. The way her expression and body language contorts to fit her mental well being is a masterful bit of acting—or more accurately, becoming. 
Yorgos again demonstrates his craftsmanship behind the camera, capturing all of these subtle relationship dynamics and turbulent moods with an overall natural and beautiful aesthetic. His commitment to natural lighting, opulent production design, and keen eye for framing add immensely to the storytelling landscape. 
We are fully enmeshed in this crazy world—full of class warfare, treachery, dirty secrets, and frivolity. It feels dangerous and fun and like a risk we’re willing to take.