50s/70s/early 80s Civic/Civil Society Horror Movies

As somewhat defined in this review of Slithis, these are horror films that double as city tapestry, with a curious 70's-(or era-appropriate!)-style interest in civic life, the specificity of burgs, municipal sprawl, and IT MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE GENRE.

It often posits public figures or Very Important persons as the victims of the supernatural threat, thus automatically involving civil society overall. There's not many, though certain "Almost" films sometimes hit some sweet spots: Piranha, Q: The Winged Serpent... RECOMMENDATIONS WELCOME.

Ranked. The Kings (#1 and #2) reign supreme, with small pleasures to be found in all of them.

  • While the City Sleeps


  • The Dark


  • Jaws


  • Wolfen


  • Death Line


  • Spawn of the Slithis