Hooper (How I Feel)

“You know, if they want to enter this business, that is not really that-- At the end, collectively, it’s pretty nasty business. And it’s a tough business. But, I feel, necessary… and, it’s just…. you know, there are fewer moments of wonderment and beauty than there are moments of anxiety, stress. So… But you know, if they’re up for it, you know… I would say go for it. And, I know what they all want. You know, I mean, I know it is to get… to express the art that is in them… and to want to do something artistic. And this genre is one of the few that will allow you to say something that is socially or politically important. And you can say it within the walls of the terror film genre because you can get away with it.”

Not On LB:
Song is Love: Peter, Paul and Mary (1970)