The Jesus Music

The Jesus Music ★★★★★

Genuinely blown away. Aside from the nostalgia, there was a lot that I didn’t know about the origins of CCM, LONG before the dcTalk/Audio-A days (my era). A lot of it made me sad by the way they were treated by the “church”, and I remember seeing some of it growing up. And I’m even sadder because I feel like I have even less hope of the greatest Christian rock band ever finally getting back together… still have a small glimmer of hope, but not much.

Another thing I didn’t know was how instrumental Billy Graham was in all of it. The man was truly one of the greatest visionaries of our time, and have a feeling that he was smiling from heaven when this film was first screened. Probably my favorite film of the year thus far, and I don’t know if it will be topped.

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