Arkansas ★★★½

“Why didn’t you just kill me ?” 
“Cause I respect you too much” 

Clark Duke is an actor that I’ve liked ever since I saw him in films such as Matthew Vaughn’s “Kick-Ass” and “Hot tub time Machine” so when I found out he was going to venture into directing, I was definitely intrigued and I can say that Clark Duke..... COMPLETELY PROVED TO ME that he is much more than capable to make a good movie. 

Let me start out with the direction itself, I really enjoyed Clark Duke’s flashy and stylish direction here. Duke and his cinematographer managed to immerse me into the land of Arkansas so much that Arkansas doesn’t just feel like a location in the film, it feels like it is its own character within the movie. 

The acting in this film was very good for the most part e.g. Clark Duke himself was in this film and served as the comic relief and did it very well, he was very charming and I liked his character and how unconventional in a film like this. One of all time favourites - Vince Vaughn was in this film and he was amazing too. Vaughn’s scenes carry the film in my opinion and are all beautifully shot and added much enjoyment to the picture. 

Liam Hemsworth was the protagonist in this film and sadly he was my least favourite part of the film and it’s not really because of his acting ability (although I don’t think he’s a great actor or anything) it more comes down to the writing. Hemsworth plays an extremely generic part in a film that strives when it’s doing things that are different, the character hardly has any personality and is just there to be a “badass” which really wasn’t enough for me to be invested with him. 

The soundtrack of this film was great too it features covers of well known songs which actually works really well compared to other films where they do this exact thing but it really doesn’t work *cough* “Magnolia” *cough* 

“Arkansas” was a really fun film carried by great performances by Vince Vaughn and Clark Duke and is a really good directional debut by Duke too. I’d definitely recommend this one ! 

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