Cruella ★★★

What a weird movie. Wasn’t looking forward to this at all and actually had a really fun time ! The film isn’t brilliant in any means but it was a lot of fun. 

The screenwriters for this movie obviously saw that ‘Joker’ did really well and decided to make the same film but with a much lighter tinge to it. There’s literal song cues and plot points that are ripped from Joker. 

All of the acting is really good. I think I’m in the minority because I actually think that Emma Stone did a better job than Emma Thompson, although both were grand. It’s also really nice to see Joel Fry in more movies, he’s always good. Paul Walter Hauser is quickly becoming one of my favourites (please go and watch Richard Jewell if you haven’t), he has such a spectacular energy to him that he brings to every role and he was a great choice for the comedy relief, even if the lazy screenplay included mostly fat jokes... haha get it.... he’s fat... haha. 

The costume and production design is very meticulous. The whole film is complete eye candy. 

Cruella was honestly better than I was expecting but I wish that Disney really went for it and made it much darker and went the proper villain route compared to the safe “anti-hero’ route. 

“I'm just getting started, darling.” 

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