Malignant ★★★½

This film is the perfect example of a flick to watch without watching any trailers and/or knowing any information about the film. I try to stay away from trailers (key word : try), I like to go into films knowing pretty much nothing and doing this for this flick helped in every conceivable way. 

I always get excited for a James Wan flick, the man just knows what he’s doing behind the camera. He’s such a versatile director as well. Think about it. ‘Saw’ is so different to ‘Death Sentence’ which is completely different to ‘The Conjuring’ which was in turn completely different to his superhero epic : ‘Aquaman’ which was the complete opposite of this mad film. Wan’s direction here is grand, he knows how to shoot action, he knows how to shoot drama and he obviously is a master at conducting horror. The man didn’t disappoint here. 

The use of red neon lighting was absolutely beautiful and made me even more excited for Edgar Wrights new flick : ‘Last Night in Soho’. 

The film was literally insane. Weird, insane stuff. Wan harkens back to 80s giallo horror and it definitely worked for me. The film didn’t take itself too seriously (a la Sam Raimi), which is my jam so I loved that. 

I’m glad that Wan made this in between ‘Aquaman’ and it’s sequel. Cinema is safe for now. 

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