Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★

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Out of all the films that came out this year that I would have seen in theatres..... this one hit me the hardest. These comic book movies are very hit or miss for me, but being a massive comic nut : they always put me in awe, especially when I get to see them in IMAX..... it’s become a tradition. Seeing ‘WW84’ on my living room television was nice and all, sure, I got to snuggle up with the family but... it just isn’t the same. The sound, the screen, the popcorn, the excitement. The cinema has it all and I desperately hope it can make a comeback. Hope springs eternal. 

Patty Jenkins returned for this film and she does a really good job here. 
Jenkins has always been a director that I have admired, starting from humble beginnings and now progressing onto directing some of the biggest blockbusters in the world, is mighty impressive. Sadly, unlike the first film, to me, this felt more like studio fodder compared to a true Jenkins picture, which the first one definitely had more of. It doesn’t stop the film from looking great though, Jenkins still brings her visual flair that she gracefully carries and it definitely helps the film. The colour palette is immaculate, something that I wish more comic book movies had (looking at you, MCU). 

The acting is good all around : Gal Gadot really does encapsulate the character of Diana and I totally see her as the iconic Amazon rather than just seeing Gadot in a costume. Chris Pine returns for this film and he’s always great #PineisthebestChris.... Yeah I said it ! 

The film has some great comic book surprises which will definitely make true fans giddy and shook. Definitely made me feel like a little kid, a few times. 

Hans Zimmers score is really great here and definitely heightened a lot of the scenes. Zimmers score isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, unlike some of his other work but it’s still spectacular. 

A downfall of the film is that it is very poorly paced. This mainly stems from the much elongated runtime of the film. The runtime is so long because the film is extremely bloated. You’ve got the : Diana in the modern world stuff, the cheetah stuff, the Maxwell Lord stuff and the Steve Trevor stuff.... not to mention the flashbacks and the overall preachy message of the film. The film is bloated and you can feel that in the pacing. I felt out of breath just watching the film. The film is definitely a mess..... but it’s certainly a very enjoyable one. 

The film treads a lot of already developed ground. I felt that Diana has basically the same exact arc and journey, that she experienced in the first film. The Steve Trevor stuff in particular, really felt like it was just there as an excuse to bring Pine back..... I mean that’s a great excuse cause Pine is great but still. 

Have you gotten the chance to see ‘WW84’ ? If you have, what did you think ? It’s had a mixed reception but the main consensus is positive. I personally did have a good time but it is littered with problems. 

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