The Room

The Room ½

Last night was a Bad Movie Night with a small gathering of friends, and after catching the back 2/3 of Sharknado 3 (I was running late) we threw in my DVD of this. I've seen this movie at least five, maybe six times by now, but this was the first time for the other six people in attendance.

I live for introducing this movie to people. I usually don't like wasting time on bad movies, but so long as you have a couple of Room virgins around, it never loses its appeal for me. It is such a poor movie on every single level, and is constantly finding new ways to be awful that even I will occasionally get caught off-guard by something that I had forgotten. Best of all, I don't really feel bad about hating it, because everyone that worked on the movie has come to terms with and even embraced the movie's awfulness except Wiseau, who seems to be a genuinely shitty human being that doesn't understand how people, and especially women, think and act. It is the movie equivalent of an extremely dumb racist that you might run into at a party - the ideas it possesses are poisonous, but it's so stupid that you can dismiss it pretty easily.

Everyone that I watched it with last night ended up really "enjoying" it too. They were all bad movie connoisseurs, but there was consistent uncomfortable laughter for the first few minutes because they were aghast at the insanity on display. We had to stop and rewind the flower shop scene three times because everyone was laughing too hard to catch every bit of ridiculousness that happens in that scene. ("Hereyougo keepthechaaann- hi doggy!"). It might have been my favorite viewing of the movie yet - truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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