Joshua Bozeman

Hoosier in Dallas. Fan of watches, writing, filmmaking, films, horror movies, jazz music, and so much more.

Favorite films

  • Sneakers
  • Halloween
  • Summer
  • Toy Story

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  • Top Gun: Maverick


  • The Valet


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Recent reviews

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    I love TOP GUN. I saw it as a kid and about 100 times since. I had not seen it in a long while in 2021 when they played it in DOLBY at AMC for the 35th anniversary, and I had to go 3 times in a week. It's just a movie that was made to be seen on the big screen.

    So, I was pumped to see this one, and it did not disappoint. First off- THANK YOU to…

  • The Valet

    The Valet


    An odd one. It's sweet. It's very mediocre. All of that mediocrity rides on the shoulders of the man dude here. He's apparently famous in Mexico?

    The audience I saw it with laughed hysterically at literally every other word. It was quite disturbing to be honest. I thought, perhaps all of these people are lunatics that lose their mind at every joke? Like I said... It was disturbing. I was very very confused.

    Overall, the movie is just mediocre. Eugenio…

Popular reviews

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project

    One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Does a great disservice to "indie" films, as this is not what you want anyone to think of when you use the words independent and film together.

    Vile, gross, trashy, vulgar, tatted up Haley is a loser who is terrible to everyone, acts like a child, and screams "fuck you!" to every other person she meets. Her daughter is just as awful (let's be honest, the child is a demon who belongs…

  • Spencer


    Very confused by the praise for this "biopic." Also have literally no idea why anyone is referring to this as a biopic. It felt more like a bizarre 1970's exploitation movie where the director dropped a ton of acid before and during production. Kristen Stewart does not look like herself, looks much like Diana, but she is not even really human in the film. She doesn't so much as talk to anyone or say real sentences, rather nearly every piece…