Murder Mystery ★★★★

Oh you KNOW what I'm going to say. It wasnt all that bad! Seriously! I had some nice hearty laughs, an Adam Sandler that wasnt doing a weird voice the whole time, you know, acting (his age). There was the stunning Jennifer Anniston and the gorgeous Luke Evans. Editing was a bit random and weird at times but you know, they got by. David Walliams is awesome, wanted more of him, definitely. It was a fun little movie, and Jen and Adam are never going to stop playing love interests, and Sandler is never going to be in a movie where is wife isnt some background character who sets up some of the jokes, who you don't expect to see playing such a minute role because he could surely get her a bigger part if he wanted to, but hey maybe SHE doesnt want to! There both making a movie who's watching the kids!? Im sorry, im sorry. It was a fine flick, but if you know you're going to be a snob and shit on it, don't watch it, be the prissy little critic you are. How is this review longer than the one I wrote for the art of self defense. Can someone help me please I'm at 8043 st -