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  • Psycho III

    Psycho III


    Watching Norman battle his inner demons keeps this movie on the rails. He never fully gives in, and this fragility creates tension. I was so grossed out when the police officer was eating the hotel ice unknowingly covered in blood. Jeff Fahey was fun to watch. The third installment is where a lot of franchise starts becoming tired. Psycho avoids this trap and remains decent.

  • The Last Horror Movie

    The Last Horror Movie


    The idea of this film was ambitious, but its execution was not. The ending was unique and was the first time any found footage horror movie made me ask the question "could this be real?". The acting of the lead character was captivating, and a lot of his meta lines were intelligent and caused reflection. It was interesting to see this after watching Peeping Tom.

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  • Hush



    I have never seen a deaf main character in a horror movie. Adding this angle effectively created higher levels of suspense and made the movie more interesting. I predict we will be seeing this used again in the near future. I don't know if it is possible to have a masked stalker without it being terrifying. There is no exception to be found here. Hope is in the air as the antagonist is constantly on the verge of winning. This…

  • Phenomena



    Phenomena is another great Argento film. The ending was insane. I never knew such a small gas can could cause so much mayhem. The second to last kill literally took my breathe away because I did not predict it. I found the soundtrack to be disjointed. I also thought it drew too much attention to itself. The version I watched had a few moment of untranslated dialogue. Great camera work as always. I am glad I discovered this film maker.