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  • The Wizard of Gore

    The Wizard of Gore

    I feel like a group of high schoolers found some great special effects and then were encouraged to make a film around it. The crime drama story line was not persuasive. The acting, sound mix, pacing, and cinematography were awful. I was looking for a fun gory movie because I liked Peter Jackson's Brain Dead so much last year. This was not it. I learned a movie needs more than just great practical effects to be enjoyable.

  • Freaks



    Freaks is an abnormality- no pun intended. Even though it was made in the early 30’s, the ending contains a horrifying image rivaling most modern movies. American Horror Story left me with negative baggage, but this movie is near perfect and removed all of the baggage effortlessly.

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  • Hush



    I have never seen a deaf main character in a horror movie. Adding this angle effectively created higher levels of suspense and made the movie more interesting. I predict we will be seeing this used again in the near future. I don't know if it is possible to have a masked stalker without it being terrifying. There is no exception to be found here. Hope is in the air as the antagonist is constantly on the verge of winning. This…

  • Phenomena



    Phenomena is another great Argento film. The ending was insane. I never knew such a small gas can could cause so much mayhem. The second to last kill literally took my breathe away because I did not predict it. I found the soundtrack to be disjointed. I also thought it drew too much attention to itself. The version I watched had a few moment of untranslated dialogue. Great camera work as always. I am glad I discovered this film maker.