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Caleb: "You tore up her picture."

Nathan: "I'm gonna tear up the fucking dance floor, dude. Check it out."

Ex Machina has been receiving a lot of praise since its release. I went in not knowing too much about it. It turned out to be a thought provoking film that is driven by its characters, character interactions, and dialogue. I thought they did a good job making it work. The film is well shot and has great visual effects. The plot is full of great twists and turns that I didn't see coming at all.

More than anything though, Ex Machina is carried by its cast. The cast is very small, but everyone does a great job. Especially Oscar Isaac. That guy is a hell of an actor and I say that even though I've only seen him in about a handful of movies. I loved his character in this film because he was smart and funny, but you never really knew what he was up to. Brilliant performance from Mr. Isaac. All in all I really liked Ex Machina. 8/10

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