Tenet ★★★★

Primer and Inception meet Schrödinger in a bar while in a Bond plot. What did they all agree on? !evitaler si gnihtyrevE

Upon rewatching still satisfyingly baffling but willing to meet the movie halfway and backward. The plot basically boils down to our Protagonist, er The Protagonist (John David Washington), needing to prevent really bad Mcguffin (A math equation in physical form no less!) from being implemented using special radiation that hits replay on our perception of reality. Listen, the characters aren’t even sure of all the mechanisms in play here so let’s go with the (inverse) flow on this one. Go in for the maddening temporal pincer action set-pieces shot wonderfully by Hoyte Van Hoytema, Ludwig Göransson's pulse-pounding score, Jennifer Lame's reality breaking editing, and the principle casts’ casual charms shining through some seriously needed expository dialogue. Stay for Chris Nolan’s Big Picture (capital B and P) ideas i.e the horrific implications of pre-destination and our limited unidirectional perception of time.

Its end results may be paradoxical but the forward and backward steps getting there are thrilling and reward upon rewatches. !pu peek ot yrT

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