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  • s01e03


    Published in Cinema Scope 83.

    What Fredric Jameson once identified as the cultural logic of late capitalism—“the waning of historicity,” i.e., the demise of popular modernist movements and the installation of a stagnant, homogeneous culture industry that recycles old forms while emptying them of their real historical content—no longer requires any of the author’s obscurantist language to describe. Twenty years into the new millennium, the pessimistic adages of late-20th-century theorists have become so tangible that we now feel them in…

  • New Order

    New Order


    Capsule for In Review Online.

    The refinement of taste, an ongoing exploration of one’s personal experience, while all well and good, always runs the risk of becoming solipsistic, of neglecting the areas of inquiry that fall outside of one’s interests. This is at least one way of justifying an encounter with the Cannes-anointed output of Michel Franco, whose warm reception on the festival circuit has, over the years, become something more like a red flag. His latest, New Order, which…

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  • After Earth

    After Earth


    In the absence of the overt spirituality that often textures Shyamalan’s oeuvre, we find what is perhaps the director’s most explicitly philosophical work: a film that examines how worldviews function at the most immediate level of perception and action, and how metaphysics change our understanding of raw affect and thus how we respond to it. It’s quite simple: we have a story reduced to a template, a problem, and from this, we observe two approaches trying to solve it.


  • Hello Destroyer

    Hello Destroyer


    Long before I wanted to be a film critic my dream was to be a professional hockey player, and I can remember the exact moment that idea was implanted. Five-years-old seated in a spare dressing room at the Vancouver Canucks’ home rink, I was about to step on the ice for a scrimmage in front of thousands of people -- one of my most vivid early memories. My team was visited by the Canucks' healthy scratch for that evening, some…