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  • Midsommar


    In what can only be described as: essential European arthouse meets Americana. (And whatching a Jodorowsky film on shrooms) 
    This is like Valerie and her week of Wonders but as a slasher film.

    I have a lot of opinions on why this is a good film but not really ()

  • Burning


    What makes this film so special is how vague it is, and yet it mages to keep the audience engaged. Using an almost hitchcockian tension and beautiful cinematography, the film floats around the paradoxes that surround the characters and their environment. 
    Throughout the film we are confronted with contradictions: The tangerine exists as an idea but it’s impossible to taste it, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead, Haemi fell in a well that was never there.

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  • Us


    The premise was interesting, the whole doppelgänger thing isn’t anything new, but it can really work when done right. Because this is Peele’s second film it’s impossible not to compare it with its predecessor. what makes Get Out work is that it operates in a Smaller scale with a simple(r) concept and a powerful commentary that is well executed. Us is trying really hard to be smart, funny, scary, and have the audience feel like there’s a lot of hidden…

  • Roma


    Not trying to review or make any kind of critical claim, these are just some of my thoughts...not that they matter, go watch it (on theaters) and form your own opinion!

    Roma can be appreciated a lot more when understanding that it is an exercise on memory in the tradition of Kurosawa or Tarkovsky. Roma takes its time meditating on the past, a past that can never be really objective which is part of its charm, the film plays with…