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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    The night is dangerous and anything can happen. Good Time is the kind of meandering crime film I've been wanting for a long time now. It is wholly unique both in regards to the execution of the material as well as the unending, underworld maze of obstacles that are created by and befall the protagonist played perfectly by Robert Pattinson.

    The filmmakers, the Safdie Brothers, are addicted to close-ups as they make up what feels like the true majority of…

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  • Breakdown



    I had a feeling about this one and man was I right. Breakdown is an incredibly tense thriller that deserves to be, at the very least, talked about far more, especially when it comes to the greats of this sort from the 90s.

    There’s not a poor performing apple in the bunch and the wonderfully paced thrills called to mind Duel, Unlawful Entry (another underrated Russell thriller) and even Cujo

    With little setup and not an ounce of fat on the 2nd half, I definitely recommend this to those looking for that charge that this decade’s best thrillers thrived on.

  • The Bad Guys

    The Bad Guys


    While lacking on the writing front, The Bad Guys is a beautifully animated, voice-acted and choreographed crime film for all ages.

    But more than anything, this just proves a Sly Cooper movie (or series) would not only work, but work really well.

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    One of the greatest action films I've ever seen. I am still in awe of the pulse pounding adrenaline that unapologetically makes up the entire film. There is literally almost no down time in this movie. Seriously, action every second. We start by seeing Max quickly have everything taken from him. After that...madness. The villains are insane. George Miller's world of Mad Max is so well fleshed out. It is imaginative, inventive and breathtaking. The incredible cinematography switches between a…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Here it is ladies and gentlemen. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is perhaps the most divisive movie I've ever seen/been a part of. Both critics and fans are contending why this was an achievement or an utter failure. I have to say though that I enjoyed this. I'm not checking this one as "Contains Spoilers" simply on the grounds that most of this was made known in the trailers or was ruined by critic click bait headlines. Don't worry…