Saving Mr. Banks ★★★½

"Winds in the east
Mist coming in
Like something is brewing
About to begin
Can't put me finger
On what lies in store
But I feel what's to happen
All happened before."

I'm actually from the same state as P.L. Travers, so it's nice to see a film about her, albeit altered to Disney's needs (but who wouldn't expect that?).

Saving Mr. Banks is a nice, fun watch. It's well made, Disney-style upbeat with some great performances (yay Emma Thompson!), nicely fusioned comedy and drama, and beautiful photography and production design. There are some great moments, and quite terrifying and emotional ones too (safe to say that I was crying), but beyond those and the performances, there isn't much unique about Saving Mr. Banks. It's a lovely film, but not really one I have much to say about beyond the fact that it was very entertaining and a great escape for it's run time.

Emotional, funny, and with some great performances, Saving Mr Banks doesn't have much new to add to the genre, but it's a fun watch.

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